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Helpless. If I had to pick one word to describe how I feel about the ongoing transformation of our country’s culture, that would be it. Frustrated… Furious… those are a few more terms that reflect my feelings. It seems that day after day this “Woke Cancel Culture” takes another victim. And while plenty are talking about it, no one is actually doing anything about it. I watched Laura Ingraham’s monologue the other night and the entire 12 minutes were dedicated to it. It was an amazing monologue, yet in the end, it did nothing to bring Cancel Culture to an end. I’ve watched, listened to and read what many of our Senators and Congressmen in Washington, DC have to say about it. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and others have had some exceptional speeches. But again, nothing has changed. Another day goes by and another cancellation happens.

It’s time for it to stop.

The most powerful opinion makers in the world haven’t been able to make this happen. Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, the late and great Rush Limbaugh, even our past President and our current politicians have not made one single dent in Cancel Culture.

But you can.

Join me, stand beside me, stand beside US, and bring this to an end. The only possible way to stop this is to band together and do it.

Cancel Culture is happening every day. People are getting cancelled, business are getting cancelled and even inanimate objects are getting cancelled. They call it “culture,” as in “way of life.” But this is not OUR way of life. It is a relatively small group of raging mad lunatics who kick and scream until they get their way. They see something on TV that they don’t like and they send thousands of emails to the producer. CANCELLED! Or worse, it’s five raging lunatics who cost the job of that one conservative or moderate teacher or average Joe… or KAREN who dared voice their feelings.

It’s just not right.

We are letting the tail wag the dog here, and that has to stop. And it is GOING TO STOP. Here’s why… because of you, and your friends, and your acquaintances. Because we, together, number in the millions, in the tens of million, and perhaps in the hundreds of millions. By joining , by signing our petitions, by becoming an ACT member, by donating or donating to the legal fund, YOU can CANCEL Cancel Culture. WE can stop cancel culture.

This is our Country

We simply can not allow a tiny number of left-wing advocates to determine how our country’s culture and our country’s beliefs are determined, and how our country’s past is rewritten and our country’s future is written.

Stand Up!!!

Stand up and join me. Stand with me, stand with us, and the next time the far-left radicals drop 30,000 emails on a company… We drop 3,000,000… yes, three million, followed by a petition with 10 million signatures. These companies are bending over backwards to not offend 30,000…. What will they do to not offend 10 million? Please, join us and find out… YOU are the only way WE can stop this.

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