And what a mess they made….. For themselves

And what a mess they made…. for themselves.

The biggest news in Cancel Culture this last week was the fiasco at Teen Vogue. It seems the final answer to this lies in the classic move line “their hypocrisy only runs so deep”.

So Teen Vogue hired a new Editor in Chief, this is a big position. This isn’t a switchboard operator, this is A #1 on the totem pole. Alexi McCammond was hired for this position and her tenure lasted just about a week. Ms McCammond is a 27 year old who, up until last week, was a media darling skyrocketing through the ranks of the liberal elite.

Here’s a quote from C-Span about her from her work on the 2020 Presidential campaign.

Currently covering the 2020 presidential campaign, Alexi McCammond the native of Chicago is a News Editor, Political Reporter, and Famous Personality. Known for her sharp comments and proper reporting of events, it has made her a leading and one of the most respected journalists in the United States of America.

At 27, she had a dozen appearances on C-Span and now she’s off to be the EDITOR IN CHIEF…..

NOT SO FAST!! It seems Alexi just happened to be a teenager once upon a time in the past. Being a teenager she did, well, stupid things that teenagers do. Amongst her transgressions she said the N word! Yep, now, just as an FYI, Alexi is a lady of color which usually get you a free pass on the N word but not in todays Cancel Culture. You said the N word, 11 years ago, before you were old enough to vote, or serve in the military and still 4 years from being able to drink…. and now that cancels your career. Now to be fair, Alexi also made some “humorous” at least she thought they were, remarks about an Asian. So now we have multiple transgressions both at 17 years old and it’s time for Cancel Culture to do it’s job! SHE MUST GO!

So the charges were filed and the mob formed! The mob this time lead in some way at least by another employee of Teen Vogue’s, their “Senior Social Media Manager” Christine Davitt. Christine went out of her way to not only push forward the Cancel Culture mob but she then went out and told them just how proud she was of them. “So proud of my @teenvogue colleagues. The work continues…” she wrote for the world to see.

And now, it’s UH OH time! Seems Ms Davitt forgot that she too was once a teenager, and being a teenager she said stupid crap that teenagers say. Back in 2009 she use that darn N word herself! Thing is, no mob this time. No media mob. Did they learn their lesson? Is that even possible? I don’t believe it is, as I don’t believe they understand that a lesson needs to be learned.

So what’s our answer? What side do we take? I’m seeing and hearing some very faint calls for Ms Davitt’s resignation because of her racial slurs in the past. Nothing’s come out of it. Here’s my take, and it’s considerably different then what the rest are saying. Personally I don’t think that a few small mistakes made at 17 year old should in any way effect your career a dozen years later. Now, I’m not talking about committing felonies, those will tend to haunt you. I think the issue here is that Davitt and her fellow woke mob at Teen Vogue and around the country had McCammond cancelled in the first place. There’s where the problem is, there’s the act that is deplorable and absurd. Though I may not agree with McCammond’s politics or that she’s part of the woke media mob herself, she was still it’s victim. Yes, that’s the thing about this mob, it will turn on itself as quickly as it will you or me. This thing has become “McCarthy-like”. It’s grown into the French Revolution, someone accuses, and you’re beheaded before you have a trial.

It has to stop folks, and we’re the ones to do it. Please, invite your friends to join, join for free or contribute to the fund, either way, it’s numbers we need. I’ll be drafting the Petition to Teen-Vogue asking them to terminate Ms. Davitt for her part in the “woke mob” cancel culture that needlessly ended McCammond’s career there.

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