So they Cancelled Georgia, JIM CROW!!

The Cancel Culture Mob reared its ugly head again this last week. This time, the triumvirate of idiocracy… yes, that’s Stacy Abrams, Al Sharpton and Lebron James…. they beat down Coco Cola, Delta Airlines and most notably Major League baseball till they all decided to Cancel Georgia.

What did Georgia do to deserve this? Truth is real simple….. it just doesn’t matter. It simply does not matter. Here’s how you can tell it doesn’t matter, in fact here’s how you can tell that there is absolutely no real discussion of facts to be had surrounding the issue. It’s real simple… it’s……. JIM CROW!!!! JIM CROW, JIM CROW, JIM CROW!!!!!

The point is very simple…. anytime you hear a liberal political figure or activist yell JIM CROW JIM CROW!!! All that means is they don’t have one single fact to support their viewpoint. It means they can’t think of one damn thing to say that makes sense. So they shout out the JIM CROW!! And to them what that means is ” I WIN” I got em with the JIM CROW! It’s like a race to see how fast they can say it. Stacy Abrams, who trying to win political points cluelessly cost her own state hundreds of millions of dollars, and the vast majority of that would have went to those she pretends to represent…is the Queen of the “JIM CROW, JIM CROW” mob…..


It goes pretty much like this….

“Yep, he was tellin me all this stuff about facts and times of polls closing and comparing it to other states and stuff about how this new law assured that there would be no early closings and …. and you damn right, I just JIM CROWED him right there. Won me that argument!” Hell I don’t need all them facts and nonsense. JIM CROW, JIM CROW!!

What’s so absurdly sad is that the people, people you would hope and think were at least somewhat educated, have even a reasonable amount of common sense, yes I’m talking the leaders of Delta, Coke and MLB…. they buy this crap hook line and sinker… and you know why? Because there are 30,000 paid screaming lunatics and a basketball player yelling it at them.

That is why we need every single person that reads this to pass it along to a half dozen friends and pray they do the same. We’re kicking off our Membership drive this weekend and we need 30,000 signatures, and a drive to 300,000 signatures to send to MLB and tell them how we feel about this decision, and warn them against making more like it.

There is not one other human being, one website, one anything that is actively trying to change this but us… there are pundits griping about it, but no one doing anything. It’s time. Make this happen!

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