What is COPACC?

The better question would be, “Who is COPACC?” COPACC is every person who is tired of being bullied for our beliefs, ostracized for our opinions and canceled from our country. We are hardworking, family loving Americans – of every race and background – who have had enough, but can’t find a way to do anything about it.

We know that those doing the canceling are small in number, but have big mouths and often deep pockets. They are attempting to erase our history. They are bashing businesses. They are even attacking inanimate objects. And, they are destroying the lives of good people. As individuals, we may feel helpless against them. But together, we are strong, and we can cancel “cancel culture.”

Coalition of People Against Cancel Culture

Together, as the Coalition of People Against Cancel Culture, we will send the message that we will not be intimidated any longer. Nor will we stand aside and watch our beloved country’s culture be dismantled by an angry few. The tail has wagged the dog long enough, it’s time that the millions and millions of us stand up together and put a stop to the insanity that is cancel culture.

How Will We Achieve This?

COPACC Membership/Strength in Numbers

The simple act of becoming a member of COPACC makes us stronger. Alone, our voices may be faint, but together, we will be heard. Our basic membership is free but its value is tremendous. To become a member, click here.
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COPACC Conversation Panel

The COPACC website is a place for open, civil conversation. It will be a place where the cancelers can be identified and held accountable. Aggression, foul language and hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated.
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COPACC ACT Membership/Support for the Accused

For just $5 per month, you can increase your impact with a COPACC ACT Membership. Membership fees will help fund defense and support for those who are being targeted by cancel culture. ACT members have voting rights in determining which issues matter to us, how to spend legal funds etc. For more information on becoming a COPACC ACT Member, click here.
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COPACC Direct/Confronting the Cancelers

When a business or organization has been identified as a canceler, and our ACT members have determined a response is justified, a list of email contacts for the business or organization will be published on our website so that all COPACC members can reach out and voice their concern. Also a Petition will be generated and automatically signed by all ACT members. All members will have the opportunity to sign the petition. The petition will be sent to the party responsible for the cancellation and to all parties involved. For example, if it is a television show. We would send the petition to the producers of the show, to the Network Executives, to the Executives of the company that owns the Network and to the Sponsors of the show in question. We will also post the direct phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses of each of these people and companies. Again, we need to maintain a professional demeanor in all we do, aggression will not be tolerated. The purpose of COPACC is to protect our country, not add to the chaos.
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