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Mr. Manfred,

We the people of this great nation have bound together and come to you today to tell you that we believe you have taken Major League Baseball down the wrong path. This is “Americas game” “America’s pastime” yet when we turn on the television we see players kneeling during the National Anthem, and you allow this. Moreso you have now chosen to align Major League Baseball with the most radical liberals in this country. You allowed Stacy Abrams, Al Sharpton and Lebron James to cow you into moving the Major League All Star game from Atlanta to Colorado. This petition isn’t to scold you for how stupid of a choice this was, and under such ridiculously incorrect assumptions, though, since we’re here, let’s go ahead and do that.

Did you spend one single moment reviewing the new voter registration bill in Georgia and compare it to that of Colorado? If you had you would realize that in many ways the Georgia law is far more generous in providing time to vote that in Colorado. This really though, isn’t even the point here so I won’t dwell on it. The point is that Stacy Abrams trying to make political points for herself started a rallying cry to punish the Georgia Senate for passing a bill. By so doing she cluelessly cost her own state, and the people she allegedly most cares about, hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues. Why? Because you didn’t have the backbone to stand up to her and the screaming mad lunatics from the Woke crowd. We are here to tell you that for every one of them there are a hundred of us. We may not scream and yell and kick our feet, but we do watch baseball games, and we do buy tickets and memorabilia. Do you? Do you remember Thurman Munson? Roberto Clemente? Two amazing athletes taken from us too soon. Do you recall their work ethics? Do you even know those names? Did you ever watch throwbacks like Donny Baseball play? Watch guys like Wade Boggs, Tony Gwinn or Rod Carew work a count from a pitcher and eventually slap a ball to the opposite for another base hit? Do you have the faintest idea what you represent? What you’re supposed to be representing and protecting? Americas pastime sir. This is your job and quite frankly you are failing at it.

Sir, Major League Baseball should pull itself above politics and particularly above the radical liberal agenda. I for one sir, will not be watching the Major League All Star game this year. Sir, if Major League baseball doesn’t care about me, doesn’t care about it’s history, it’s traditions, if it only cares about radical liberals that scream and shout, and caters to players that feel the same way, or just like you, are cowed into it. Then sir…… why should we care about Major League Baseball?

We may not be watching the All Star Game, but sir…. we will be watching the news, and if Major League Baseball doesn’t turn itself around and rise above this radical craze….. then there will come a day, when you and the radicals will be the only ones watching.

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