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Mr Bob Chapek

Chief Executive Officer

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It has come to our attention that your company has terminated Gina Carano, a beloved cast member of Star Wars Mandalorian because of Social media posts she made.  We recently reviewed this claim and most notably your statement that Disney wanted to make content “reflective of the rich diversity of the world that we live in.” Sir, we agree with that sentiment. 

However, with a history of similar incidents from Disney, most notably the James Gunn issue, our question for you sir then is. If Diversity matters to you, then why isn’t someone with conservative principles a part of Diversity. Why doesn’t conservatism matter? Why does Diversity stop when it gets to Conservative values? Shouldn’t within your own statement, even extremely conservative values be a part of that “rich diversity”? If indeed Conservative values fall outside of that “rich diversity” you are looking for at Disney then isn’t it true that you’re clearly NOT looking for “rich diversity” but instead only a much smaller part of diversity existing within the bounds of the liberal left’s views of what diversity means?

Sir, we are forwarding you this petition to show you that we don’t believe this is appropriate. We believe that everyone deserves the right to their opinion and that opinion should be valued equally regardless of its liberal or conservative bias and by no means, should it cost an individual their job. 

There are millions of us that share this sentiment and while we by no means intend to intimidate or threaten. Sir, we are your customers, and we are watching your products….. and we are watching to see how you handle situations of this matter in the future. 


The Coalition of People Against Cancel Culture

The Walt Disney Company

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